Reporter's Club II

“Kendinin farkında olma ve toplumda bireyselliğe sahip olma” hakkında Rabia Durmuş’tan diğer bir harika deneme. Haberciler Kulübü öğrencileri sadece İngilizcelerini kullanıp geliştirmiyorlar, fakat aynı zamanda orijinal fikirler ve etkin eleştiriler sunuyorlar. Another great essay from Rabia Durmuş about self-awareness and having individuality in society. The Reporters’ Club students not only use and improve their English but also put forward original ideas and effective criticism.


 Hi, It's me again! Today I came with a very important issue. Social pressure. There are so many types of social pressure like beauty standards, sexism, gender gap, discrimination, and more... We all talk about social pressure and we all seem like we care or fight against the issue. But actually we don’t do anything big for this and every year many adults, teenagers and even kids kill themselves all around the world. So, I want to talk about social pressure. We all are subject to social pressure and i know it’s really tough. I’ll start with sexism. What do you think about blue and pink? Or football and jumping rope? Houseworks and earning money? What about a teacher and an astronaut? Let’s be honest, you all think of a woman when you read pink, jumping rope and being teacher right? Why? Can’t a man wear a pink t-shirt? or can’t a woman be an astronaut? Or Can’t men cry? Do women always have to do houseworks? Unfortunately, social pressure says they can’t... But we know they can. Men can cry too. Men have to do houseworks too. Men can jump rope too. And women can be astronaut too. Women can wear blue too. Women can earn money too. 


Now, let’s talk about beauty standards. How can you be beautiful? I know, beauty depends on person but, you know there are some standards to be beautiful right? You must be skinny, your face must be clear, you must be attractive or you must be cute and you must be 90-60-90 shape. So, what if I am not? Then, am I not beautiful? Should I change myself just because I want to be beautiful? Just because I want to be liked by another person.. No, you definitely shouldn’t! Think about it, why would you change yourself for just these? You can be who you are! Beauty isn’t all about the physical appearance. If you have a beautiful mind, then you’re beautiful....


Let’s continue with discrimination. If you’ve been excluded for no reason, then congratulations! That means you’re special! People don’t like anyone different. And they don’t respect them either. If you have an interesting idea, they exclude you. And if you try your best, they’ll exclude you again. Or even if you can’t look at it something with their perspective, they exclude you. But please don’t be very sad because of you are excluded. Like I said, if you’re excluded, that means, you’re special at a point. Maybe you’re doing right thing, maybe you’re fighting against social pressure and maybe I don’t know, you have really good habits and they’re jealous of you. You can’t know what is the problem always. And you can’t know why too. So at that time, just focus on yourself and keep doing whatever you’re doing...

Our society still do these social pressures and unfortunately, we still raise our children with saying these and as a result, our children believe these words and give up their dreams... We’re killing their imagination without knowing what we’re doing. Or we believe these words without knowing what does it means. Please, how can be color or job belongs a gender? Or how can be a shape can determine if you’re beautiful or not. People always say something about your gender, beauty, beliefs and things make you yourself. So, let’s don’t hear them and be the one who we want to be! Let’s break the taboos together!! 



                                                                                                                   Rabia Durmuş

                                                                                                      The Reporters Club