Sultan Fatih College Reporters Club

Sultan Fatih College Reporters Club has just started its projects. Students share their ideas and inspire each other. Rabia’s essay on music is a nice start for upcoming series of work.



Hi! It's very first time we meet right? I just wanted to tell you something about music. Actually, we all express ourselves through music. We all listen sad or slow songs when we’re sad and we all listen “party songs” when we feel like super happy. Okay then, Have you ever listened songs with checking their lyrics? If you haven’t, you totally should do it. After you've done, you'll reach the real power of music. You'll see the songs from an another side. Because in my opinion, music isn’t all about the melody or rhythm. (Of course they’re important too :D) Music is a way for start to thinking, expressing something that you can’t tell, taking strength, realizing something and love yourself. At least, I think like this. I'll give you an example to understand me better. We’re high school students and deep inside, we don’t know what we’re going to be, we don’t know where our lives going and if we do the right thing for ourselves. There’s always an “if” for us. I’m gonna talk about myself. Sometimes I fail and I feel like I’m not good enough or I’m not doing anything right. At that moment, I just listen to a song with these lyrics;


“You fell down, it’s alright, I’ll pick you up
Did you worry a lot?
No no no, it’s your first time
That’s ok, everyone does that
That’s how it is, even adults made mistakes, practiced and grew when they were our age.”


And sometimes I just want to give up or I want to take some rest and then, these lyrics give me strength;


“Should I stop or not? 

Should I give up or not?
Why can't I do this right?

Throw away all these thoughts

In that time, just run

The feeling without knowing where is the end
If your tired body and heart continues
and you feel like giving up

You’re about to give up

But you’re the one who decides the end

What’s your decision?

The whole of it is enough to say that you're doing well
You're obviously doing well” 

You felt that right? Imagine, you’re having hard time and someone saying these words to you. It’s really meaningful to me. Now you know what I mean. I think music should be used for this. Music is one of the best way to feel empathy with someone. It doesn’t matter what your nationality is, what religion you believe in and what language you speak... It's all about feeling something deep inside. And It's all about touching someone’s heart. Trough music people can express themselves, give strength to each other and understand each other... 



                                                                                                                                                    Rabia DURMUŞ

                                                                                                               The Reporters Club